Salam, this is Reem.

Assalamu 'alaykum.

I start to write not knowing exactly why, maybe because of that inevitable need we all feel of being recognized, understood, loved... And a blog or diary is just the right place to say all these things that are not said simply because you don't have the opportunity to say them or you don't find the moment. I don't know if I make a good first impression, but for the majority I am strange. In fact you have to be a poet or a man/woman of letters to understand me (without pretentions), and what happens is that for the rest of the world who aren't, I'm just strange. You may come across somebody you felt an inmediate connection with, that's marvelous, but that don't usually happens in our daily life, when you meet people in the first meeting, or walking on the street, drinking coffee, or taking the elevator... Because unless you are talking about the deen (religion) conversations usually are superficial, trivial. So, I start this blog to socialize, to share, to amuse myself writing, to remember experiences in the future in shaa' Allah when I read again what I wrote. By the way, I am Reem (it's my islamic name), I'm married to an algerian, I'm 24 years old, and I'm mother of a little half algerian girl. Alhamdu li Llah I'm not a teenager anymore, so Allahu a'lam I hope I will not regret about this blog, or maybe yes...

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